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Glenda suggested we went into the bedroom where we would be more comfortable, when we got onto the bed Glenda opened her bedside cabinet & got out a 10″ strap-on & told Susan to put it on & they would show me how they satisfied each other normally,she got on all fours & Susan pushed into her whilst Glenda put her head in my lap & started to suck my cock back hard which didn't take long,Glenda soon came & Susan got up from behind her & crawled up the bed & asked me to lick Glenda's juices off the stap-on,i hesitated at this & she told me that she'd sucked mine often enough & as i was wearing womens pants i should act a bit more like a lady,she pushed it against my lips & i licked the end & could taste Glenda's juices,”that wasn't so bad was it?”asked Susan,i told her Glenda's juices tasted nice ,”well now you can lick my fanny” she said lying down on the bed & taking off the strap-on & spreading her legs,i knelt between her legs & started to lick her,Glenda got behind me & started to lick my balls & cock & feel my arse,i slipped a finger into Susan's arse which i knew she enjoyed & next felt Glenda do the same to me,this made me jump & Glenda told me to relax & enjoy it,Susan soon came & told Glenda to put on the strap-on & let me find out what it was lke to be a woman,i asked her what she meant & she replied”well you're dressed like one & have licked Glenda's juices from it,so why not take it like a woman?”i was shocked at this as Glenda put it on & Susan rubbed some lube between my arse cheeks,”you've fucked my arse & fingered it before,so you can try it now”said Susan,i felt Glenda get behind me & Susan spread my cheeks as she pushed slowly in,”relax dear”said Susan”it's only the first bit that stings a bit”,i felt my arse stretch as it slid into me,she then started to push in & out fucking my arse,Susan got underneath us & started to lick my cock & balls,i started to feel my come rising & shot my load into her mouth,collapsing forwards onto the bed,Glenda pulled out of my arse & told me i was a good little girl & was going to cancel her trip away & that the two of them were going to enjoy themselves with me,”yes i think he will make a good sexy girl for us to enjoy”said Susan,Glenda got up & went into the bathroom & ran a bath,”come & get in here you two”she said”i think we should all stay here as girls for the next few days”,i asked her what she meant & she told me that seeing as i'd worn womens clothes & been fucked like a woman that i should be made to behave like a woman,Susan got some hair removal cream & started to rub it on my legs & told me not to worry as they would be gentle with me,i was in no position to argue as hey removed my body hair,they got me out of the bath,dried me & covered me in body lotion & gave me some black pants to put on . k

Hardon [Popsicle Queens] Noelstone doing Vaguely Fanciful with Lily Frog is very Floating Pleasure At The Nightclub

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