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Each person has their own circumstances. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to earn money. Aoi, an amateur who has applied as an esthetician to a super-orthodox earning &#8220no nuqui&#8221 men&#8217s esthetic shop. She is a cute young wife with good looks. She says her husband&#8217s income has diminished, leaving only her home loan, and her income is in a stalemate. I&#8217m separated from her husband for various reasons. She said she arrived at a men&#8217s esthetic shop as a result of looking for a job that she could make a quick profit in a certain amount of time in order to earn income by herself. It was okay to hire her seriously, but she had no experience at all, so as usual, she first asked a massage instructor to give a lecture on &#8220practical skills&#8221. She was taught what to play, and although she was shy, she managed to learn it seriously. After that, she went to the final interview check, which was a practical play with the store manager &#8220as usual&#8221. Practical skill is good, but something is missing &#8230 Aoi-san &#8230 &#8220Something is missing!&#8221 Aoi, who is confused by gently telling the store manager that he is acknowledging, forgives his heart, &#8220If you can easily earn money,&#8221 and then &#8230 Aoi, who remembered the back op, is now the top esthetician of our store. There is no. * This video was taken without permission by the manager of a certain men&#8217s beauty salon and I, who became a guru, set up a camera inside the store.

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