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any one else,

Joy : i wont tell anyone that I am pregnant

Me : as you are now pregnant, you must now permit other men cum in your pussy

Joy : other men can cum in my pussy

Me : while you are pregnant wont use your pussy plug

Joy : while I am pregnant I wont use my pussy plug

Me : Good, Beanbag Joy

She goes back to deep sleep

Its now about 12:30

I sneek into Jodie and George's room

I first try george,

I wisper : George are you awake

george :no

me: are you sleep

george : yes

Me : you will stay in this meditative suggestive state until i command otherwise George : Ok

me : You will ignore me while i am engaged in any sexual acts with any female in this house . my dick, until i cum or i want to do something else

she then proceeds to pull down my shorts and takes my cock into her mouth

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A man and a woman who seem to have a friendship. It seems that a man is a trainer and a woman is invited to her home to teach stretching. Apparently, I had sex with drunken momentum once and my friendship has already collapsed. It is natural for such two people to get horny if they touch each other in a closed room. In a blink of an eye, your hands reach out to your crotch, and you can get rid of your lack of exercise with sex.

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Mark manouvered the Great Dane into position over Tina, Her scalp hurt,from the way he had yanked her up .

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