A drunken wife mistook fuck her husband’s best friend

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Rarely when her husband’s friends came to play, the wife enthusiastically welcomed her, who suspected she drank too much in the middle of the night to confuse her husband’s friend.

Drunk wife mistook fuck husband's friend
Drunk wife mistook fuck husband’s friend

Because you have been there for a long time, both husband and wife are very happy to welcome you.

But there was an unfortunate incident, that was a happy wife, so she drank too much of the drunkenness.

How about midnight I feel like to fuck, but I go to the wrong room so I have sex with my husband’s best friend.

The other friend was also half-awake, so he felt that there was a warm hole in his mouth that he did not think much about.

It wasn’t until the next morning that he found out that last night he had a pretty sex movie with his friend’s wife.