Adulterous wife with her husband’s director

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Adulterous wife with her husband’s director. Daddy’s right hand touched the inside of Mi Yi’s thigh, and to the top of her pride, rubbed and squeezed randomly, and heard her groaning in comfort, letting go of the meat in her mouth and sucking on the two knobs. Small breasts are rigid.

Gently bite by teeth, pull continuously, hold the other breast with your left hand and use your fingers to play with the hard pieces of hard meat.

The image of an adulterous wife with her husband's director
The image of an adulterous wife with her husband’s director

Miyi grabbed her father’s hair with both hands and brought her gentle breasts to her mouth, and her mouth continued to moan, he bit and kissed his chest like a taste of the world, on the pink nipple. Full of water.

“What does the baby say Dad is doing?” Dad looked up and watched his daughter blushing mischievously.

“Because … sucking my breast …” Mi Yi answered shyly.

“The baby’s milk is very smooth and fragrant, it’s just Jade Liquid Qiong brew.”

“Nonsense … I … How can there be milk …”

“Hey … baby’s milk will be for dad alone, okay?”


After receiving a satisfactory answer, Dad let go of the snow milk in his hand, took a cushion and placed it under his daughter’s waist, put his snow-white thighs on his shoulders, pushed it in half, revealing his wings. Floral Wrapped Hole. Timidly, Mi Yi didn’t open her face, Daddy bent down and giggled, grabbed the piece of meat to suck, and rubbed his tongue up and down on the seam, causing Mi Yi Jiao to gasp.