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“OK Stacey, we need to ask you some more questions for clarity, you ready?” asked DC Davis
“More questions? I just want to go home!” said Stacey
“Well it will only take a few mins Miss Lane!” said DC Davis
“Ok,!” said Stacey reluctantly
“You are wearing lipstick, but you claim you gave oral sex how is this possible?” asked DC Thorne
“I reapplied it!” said Stacey
“Why?” said DC Thorne
“Why? . do you know what American style sex is?” asked DC Davis
“No sir!” replied Stacey
“Right so you went outside and then?!” asked DC Davis
“I waited for him, for about 20mins when he came out he asked me to remove my top” explained Stacey “so I did and he played with my tits”
“He ASKED you?” clarified DC Thorne
“Yes, then he used the top to tie me up to the stair railings” explained Stacey
“Did you mind him tying you up?” asked DC Thorne

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What do you have in mind?”

“Well why don’t you take that little miniskirt off and bend over my knee?” Alex retorted, She was nervous to think of his presence in her apartment so she ran around straightening it up before he got there .

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