Cock and sextoy, which one is better, try to know

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Seeing in jav sex movies, people use fake dick, but the wife still insists on buying for it, so the husband bought a set for her to try and see which one is more fun.

cock and sextoy
cock and sextoy

Nearly casual injuries that often fill the eyes hungry eyes, it is clear that the husband is big and strong and not let his wife lack sex.

And yet, she kept wishing to try using fake dick because in jav movie sex people often use it.

The husband advised that it should not buy a set for his wife to use, and he will not fuck anymore.

Her eagerness looks maintained for 30 minutes, even if she is happy, then it will be happy, big and hard, not faint at all.

But it has no warmth and does not know how to push like a real thing.

Until the wife had to beg, the husband would put his real cock into my butterfly to click, telling me what a real craving was.