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I ring the door bell and behave that I have drunk lot when my wife opens the door I sleep and laid on the sofa then my wife called Arvind to help him and they put me on the bed room when my wife putting me her pallu go down she is not wearing any bra so her boobs are very clear to

Arvind when he looking her boobs my wife read his eyes she took her pallu up Arvind come out my wife is horny she is hungry for sex she come out and set in the sofa in the living room Arvind finding this he also come there and set there he start chatting her after some time he notice that my wife is hungry and she need sex he start coming close to her I m looking his from my bed room with half open eyes Arvind now close to my wife and my wife is chatting him suddenly

Arvind push his hand to my wife thighs and press while laughing now my wife understand the signal from Arvind my wife look at bed room and find that I m sleeping or not then she woke up and say good night to Arvind she come to the bed room and start the DVD player and watching blue films she is horny after watching two three shorts she start seducing me but I show him that I am in a deep sleep

I neglected her and turn the face and sleep she is hungry she also sleep but she woke up after some time and remember the signal of Arvind she come out and sit there on the sofa she now that I m in deep breath of sleep she turn-on the TV so that Arvind should again come out from the room she now how to seduce Arvind after few min .

I rich office and make a mobile call to Arvind and my wife say that I will late tonight not wait for me on dinner I plan for late night party and rich the house at 11:30 p

Masturbate Curlyheadedfck doing Erotic And Vaguely Fanciful Too Happy

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Licking away at that clit , mom was loving that delicious pussy Rocky thought? And she even had dads permission to do it he smirked, She had come to visit him 3 days ago & it was notthing but hard & nasty sex since then .

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