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I froze and was like 'eh what the fuck' . ” again I was cut short by her hand

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Renken's desk on the way to her own, and as she walked past it she said, “I can't believe it, he just fired me, he said something about across the board cut backs, and that I was doing a fine job but they just had to let me go, but I know the real reason,” she snapped, “I'll tell you why, it’s cuz of my weight, he doesn’t want a fat bitch like me around the office, well I’m gonna sue, you mark my words!!!” Donna sat and let the young woman vent before replying, ” I'm so sorry that they're letting you go, but you've been here for three years and you're still doing the same thing you were when you started, now I think, no, make that know, that you will find a better job in no time flat!” “Do you really think so,” a teary eyed Jenna whispered, “it's just that I've never been fired before, and it really hurts!” At that point she began sobbing almost uncontrollably, and?}? Donna took her into her arms and comforted her while offering, “I've got and idea,” “why don't you come over to my place tonight, we'll have some dinner and maybe watch a little TV, I don't think you should be alone tonight, and I'm not doing anything special!” “Really, you wouldn't mind,” Jenna asked while wiping away her tears, “that would be very nice!” “Okay then, it's settled,” Donna replied, “let's get going!” Donna Renken lived in a new building on the thirty fifth floor with a breath taking view of the city, and immediately Jenna went over to the big picture window, and while admiring the view said, “this view is worth the price of rent alone!!!” “Thanks,” Donna shouted from the other room, “for eight hundred a month it better have good view!” Jenna sat on chair in front of the window and watched the traffic far below wending its way up and down the streets until Donna came out of the bedroom dressed in a gauzy dressing gown, “I hope you don't mind my getting out of my work clothes,” said Donna, “but they are so confining after a hard day at the office .

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