Her husband is on a business trip with the boss

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The newly-wed couple did not have enough money, they both worked hard to build a house for a few years. But with such a salary situation, they will never have their own home, own car, no need to rent a house, take the train to work. Owning beautiful appearance, no shortage of men who solicit money to sex beautiful girls with you, just need you agree, money is only a small thing. Among those men, there is even a talented young boss.

Despite many times of refusal, the two of them work together every day, this time going on business together. How to refuse? Anyway, the boss loved me, moreover, for the boss, she would not lose anything, in return, she earned an amount equal to a few months’ salary for work. And so, I accept the boss sex video beautiful girl Just as the pussy for the boss, I just felt sorry for my husband. The money earned while sleeping with the boss will make the dream of buying a home easier for both. I comforted myself like that and continued to immerse myself in sex with my lewd boss.