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Bellini , italian name nathan was an Italian stallion he was well built had the best face out of everyone in school and he was my fuck buddy , i dreaded school before but i looked forward to it we had gotten a A+ on the project, Nathan had completely stopped bothering me when no one was looking he would smile at me and wink we would occasionally sneak together in the boys bathroom , made sure there was no one in there and make out in a bathroom stall . and he went through and so did i we went driving up a long road passing houses leading to another big gate the security guards opened it up for him and again I followed there were these big ivory columns like something out of Greece connected to his house he stopped and got out and so did i “wow ” i said he grabbed my hand we walked hand and hand to his house we went inside and he unzipped my jacket and kissed me wet and passionately then i pushed him away “what?” he said aggravated “what if someone see us ” he smiled “my parents gave the staff the holiday off the only people on the grounds are guards and they change in shifts and they never come into the house they have their own quarters and my parents are in Aspen for the holidays ” he said almost looking sad “what about christmas , will they be home ” he frown “they probably wont be back until march ” he said with the saddest voice i ever heard i took his hand and looked in his eyes then kissed him on the forehead he fell into me and i hugged him for the first time he needed me

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DAYD-023 I Am A Tutor Teacher In The Daytime, Being Fucked By A Student And Being Fucked, Like A Dreamy Dream In A Closed Room Smelling Sweet Smell &#8230 Amemiya HazukiDAYD-023 僕は家庭教師 真っ昼間、教え子に誘惑されて犯されて、甘い匂いの香る密室での夢のような淫靡な時間… 雨宮葉月中出し, 単体作品, 美少女Amemiya Hazuki

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The guys left, I put Jess’s boobs back in her bra and pulled her skirt back down, I went back to our bedroom, took off my clothes and roughly fucked Jess with my throbbing dick .

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