IPZ-603 Rape classmate Kijima Airi

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Rape group sex with her classmate, she just arrived but there were so many flirting boys. The son in the class was afraid that he would be robbed by other class boys, so he took advantage of rape quickly.

Boys don’t know how to be gallant and condescending to women, guys. They only have the filial piety of a young lad.

When they saw the prettiest girl in the class who was being flattered by other guys, they went crazy and raped her classmates. If I fuck you, those guys won’t have a door to fuck me.

Rape classmate Kijima Airi
Rape classmate Kijima Airi

Rape classmate Kijima Airi

It’s true that the students’ thinking is simple, just think that it is possible to steal it, you don’t have to worry about it. That is also true, the female student is still wondering who to love, but she is suddenly chosen passively.

Well, okay, some of my classmates are quite cute, but unfortunately my first time had sex cuong hiep so it was not very fun.