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this can’t be happening what am I supposed to tell my friends when they see this!”

The huge load of cum was trapped in her womb mainly because of her very tight cervix as it closed back up immediately after he pulled out keeping his seed secured in her fertile womb with her egg still being attacked by trillions of k9 sperm cells as they were determined to fertilize! Each sperm cell begging attacked by her immune system and her eggs defensive barrier it was a losing fight as the sperm out numbered them one million to 1! Eventually on sperm got through as it connected to her egg pushing inside as the rest of them sperm still try to attack! The egg slowly started to process the DNA as it was confused as there was something different! It wasn’t her species as it continued trying to match up the chromosomes it somehow was connecting as continuing with the cell division slowly connecting to the uterus wall for nutrients as it still continued to grow and develop! What was happening it zygote wasn’t dying it was magical staying alive as it was determined to keep dividing and growing making a new species that has never been born before! Abbie was actually successfully impregnate by a dog as she will learn later in the future but she will still need to get out of her predicament as she was still very well stuck in the back of her ex’s door!

To be continued .

“Hey boy I’m sorry but I’m stuck your going to have to stay outside for a little while!”

She felt him smelling her ass as she tried to keep is nose out of his reach but it was no use in trying!

“What is he doing!? Is he trying to get to know me?”

Spike starts to get aroused as he start to salivate in hunger of this new possible mate in front of him! Spike start licking at her panties as she yelps inside from his rough tongue!

“Oh my god he’s giving my ass kisses! What should I do this is so gross! Get off of me!”

Lifting his head as he licks under her skirt she starts to wiggle her hips for hims to go away! Her skirt gets raised up as she tries to pulled it back over her butt to block his onslaught! She tried to yell but her voice was muffled as the door blocked most of the sound out! Her skirt now up over her hips as the wing blew it over her making her butt exposed to the whole backyard!

A little boy who was neighbors with the owners of the house was walking to the backyard as he was asked to take care of spike while they were gone! Not having a key to the house he walked straight to the backyard as he went through the tall fence and locked it behind him! His name was Joey and he’s only 14 but taking care of a dog shouldn’t be that difficult for him as his mom put him up to the task!

“Spike come her boy! It’s time to eat!”

He turn to corner as he saw spike and what it seemed to be a girl stuck in the doggie door!

“What the hell?”

Joey walked closer as he put down his book bag that he had from school on the ground!

“Spike what are you doing!”

Joey watched spike lick her ass as he was confused to why! He looks under him as he could visibly see spike having an erection! Joey was starting to put two and two together and a weird image popped into his head!

“Does he think he can have sex with her!? I mean I’ve never thought of a dog having sex with a human before! Is it even possible!?

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She still had her shirt on and I suggested that she take it off, I gave it a big rough squeeze and she let out a little moan .

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