Just wanted to be in the hospital because had a lecherous nurse Akai Mitsuki

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Akai Mitsuki knows how to pamper her patients and loves them all by herself in the hospital, so I asked if anyone wants to fuck, so I will let her not refuse anyone.

A nurse who has both a mind and a mind, is always devoted to the patient but never reviews or requires envelopes. For example, a sex movie with a male patient is injured because the hospitalized brothers are not sexually satisfied.

Sex with a nurse Akai Mitsuki
Sex with a nurse Akai Mitsuki

Sex with a nurse Akai Mitsuki

Of course, with my professional career, I will have to evaluate the patient’s health before committing. Although it is called a patient, there are many different problems, each stage will have a different health, I feel that if you are eligible, I will give you a fuck, not be afraid of everything.

And that’s why every patient agrees with me, there are even cases where the patient doesn’t want to be discharged anymore, it’s true that having a nurse like this makes the hospital a lot of revenue.