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The baby monitor sparked into life, the little girl was crying, Stevie pulled on his shorts and tee shirt and went through to the bedroom, I could here him talking to the little girl comforting her back to sleep, I was even surprised to here him singing a nursery rime to the little girl, I pulled my own shorts and polo shirt back on, and sat drinking the last of my beer as I listened to him in the room next door, hushing the little child back to sleep, it was strange to me that he knew how to do that, I would not have a clue what to do or say with a crying baby, after about 10 minutes it went silent and he came back through to the living room, with another two beers in his hand, he handed me one, then sat down beside me our eyes met and once again we began to kiss, this time it was gentle, soft kissing our fingers caressing each others hair, it just felt so loving, so perfect, so right, our night was still young, we still had a few hours before his Sister would be home, we still had a lot more exploring to do, but for that moment, I was contented and satisfied, he was perfect, my fantasies where all coming to life, I had wanted and wanked thinking of being with another guy like this for so long, at that moment I knew, that there was nothing I would not do for him or let him do to me, Stevie asked me to go to the fridge while he put on a movie, When I came back with the beers, the movie on the screen, was porn, gay porn . We settled down on the sofa side by side to further our education, on how to satisfy another man

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He gave me a long kiss of appreciation, zipped up his pants and said “now it's your turn, Soon, all that finger fucking brought me to a soothing wave of orgasms .

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