Midnight sex with wife friend

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Sex with my friend’s wife Suo Yukiko in the middle of the night, recently my friend came to his house to play, the husband also welcomed but unexpectedly he came to fuck his wife.

It turned out that his lecherous daughter and his best friend were colluding with each other without knowing anything, it was so pitiful.

But how could he believe that someone who is his wife and a close friend could do such a clumsy sex movie.

sex with friend wife
sex with friend wife


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I just know that recently, my friend always comes to his house to play, he even drinks drunk to sleep over the night.

Because of his guest, he also made a separate room for his friends to sleep, but in the middle of the night, his wife’s children would sneak into that room to vungtrom.com.

While sleeping, the husband’s head also hooked the horns, that’s strange, sometimes he doesn’t think he has the bitter fate of being betrayed by the two people he trusted.