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  • MIFD-213 | Surprise interview of a beautiful secretary | JAV HD, The spoiled manager doesn't just want a secretary to work with, he wants to have sex with her too. Perhaps this is the familiar opening of jav hd movies, right? Although with a rather awkward opening, with her professionalism, the secretary obediently served her new boss. In addition to arranging the schedule for the boss, perhaps the thing that I have to do the most in the near future is being fucked by him. At least I am luckier than many other secretaries when my boss is also a handsome, stylish, and especially big cock.
    MIFD-213 | Surprise interview of a beautiful secretary
    MIFD-213 | Surprise interview of a beautiful secretary So he just paid his secretary salary but made she do free jav movies for him. I know that I am being taken advantage of, but this job is also quite good and easy, so she has no opinion. It's really tiring to see that hot body of yours. Going on a great business trip with a secretary with big breasts and a beautiful body, he don't want to go back. The employee was so happy that he couldn't stop moaning as soon as he arrived, he was fucked. You are the boss but don't hesitate to lick me so I feel very proud. But did you know that because your cunt is beautiful, you have that honor. Although women have a lot of beautiful clothes, there is still something extremely lewd in office clothes. The right type of office girl, looking both knowledgeable but taking off her clothes is extremely lewd. As she lay down to enjoy the pleasure, she thought for sure that she had received it. Honestly, she didn't study very well either, but thanks to her beautiful body, it helped her a lot. It is not by chance that the content of JAVHD movies often revolves around beautiful secretaries. Because the percentage of women working is very small, most of them are men. So at the office, the girls are always given special attention. Especially a pretty girl like her, not only her boss, but also her colleagues.
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