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  • ONGP - 097 | JAV Uncensored Dedicated maid and lucky owner. Even though she's just a maid, she volunteered to provide sex services for a single owner. Her master is a successful man but lives alone, so he hired a maid. The salary she received was actually on par with her colleagues doing this job. But she is an enthusiastic person, taking care of her boss like a real wife. It is because of her devotion that she discovers that her boss is lacking in sex jav uncensored. She was lonely anyway, so she could make love to the master without asking for anything more. I mean, she's not very pretty, her breasts are a bit saggy, but she's good and honest. He does not like to get married, so he only needs to be fucked for physiological satisfaction.
    Maid and lucky owner jav uncensored
    Maid and lucky owner jav uncensored

    JAV Uncensored - Lustful maid big boobs

    After being surprised at first, they are now very comfortable in having sex. There are only 2 people in the house, so they can fuck each other anytime, anywhere. Her master looks very dignified on the outside, but his sexual interests are very lewd. His favorite kind of lovemaking was when she was cleaning the house, or while cooking. To make it easier for the master to have uncensored jav at any time, she stripped naked. She should have worked this extra job to get a raise. The owner also offered to pay for it, but she did not take it, because making love makes her happy and also enjoying it. She even wants to work for him for free, as long as he feeds and lives, it's fine. Having uncensored sex with such a big cock, she feels like a very lucky woman. Although I don't have a title, it doesn't matter, as long as I can go to the top with my big cock every day, I'm very happy.
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