Punishment for a wife because of her has husband still uses sextoy

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The brother-in-law was extremely annoyed and had a bit of inferiority when he was healthy and his wife still used sextoy to masturbate, so she pressed it to beeg a match.

Fuck wife with sextoy
Fuck wife with sextoy

This time, it was true that the husband was angry because he was a man anyway, yet his wife still secretly sexually stalked her with a fake behind him.

Falsely punishing is an inevitable thing, and so I only have to obediently give my husband a good way to behave.

Isn’t it so much to use more sextoy or something, so for your father sex today, you will be happy to be numb.

Actually, it is not my husband who is not healthy but because he is so happy, he goes to work during the day, and I stay at home, I know how to fuck with someone.