Sex with female students at the stairs

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Sex with female students at the stairs. You and me are both students who rent and live together, so it is easy to develop feelings, I want to fuck you for a long time.

Actually, they rented a room together in the same village, so they met all the time. You two are not lovers, but your love is as expected from the outside, but also e. The two of us already liked each other but we were afraid of being teased by everyone.

I like each other very much, but I haven’t loved, so I feel even more anxious. Tonight met again by chance at the stairs, so I want to fuck you. Like you already, so I shyly nodded in agreement.

To fuck you is my nightly dream, but it can only be realized today. Needless to say how happy and touched he was.

Sex with female students at the stairs
Sex with female students at the stairs

Sex with female students at the stairs

Having sex in the stairwell is really good, but it’s not natural. Love each other even do not dare to love publicly, let alone fuck like this.

Fortunately, you were staying alone, so I quickly carried you to the room to fuck. Oh, this wonderful feeling of happiness I want to last forever.

Suffering, I’m fucking a thief, so I don’t even dare to moan loudly. But okay, the great desire of those who love each other is to fuck, the two have already done nothing.

Fuck each other from the stairs to the bedroom, for a total of 30 minutes.