The maid helps the shy boss fuck free

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The maid, though not too beautiful or young, was kind, so everyone liked her.

The bosses are all busy, so most of the time, I just take care of the owner of an old age.

Although he is a rich kid, his temperament is very shy, he loves to fuck but he always watches sex movies and masturbates, not dare to do anything more.

The maid helps the shy boss fuck free
The maid helps the shy boss fuck free

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Although I have seen it a few times, it is very normal for grown men to have much opinion.

But I’m a kind person, seeing that the owner would care for birds would hurt the birds, so I suggested that if he didn’t cover me, he would just have sex with me.

She is not beautiful but also no zin, but it is ok for her to leave her pussy covered in sex during hot days.