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Student sex scene in the medical room, the ideal location of the female sex student Yua Mikami, specializing in pretending to be fucked with her boyfriend in the school health room.

This is the solution of female genital student Yua Mikami who just goes to school on time and returns home at the right time as her parents request and still has time to fuck each other with her boyfriend.

It was me pretending to be sick to go to the infirmary, and then asked my boyfriend to come in to give me some sex.

fuck boyfriend in medical room
fuck boyfriend in medical room

Yua Mikami sex with boyfriend in medical room

My boyfriend changes constantly because not everyone is as reckless as me, at school and dare to fuck each other. And that’s also the reason why I’m always the one who takes the initiative to fuck each other with my boyfriend, but wait for some teenage guys to have a fever with all their guts.

Actually, I don’t always fuck each other in the infirmary, but sometimes I still take advantage of student sex films in class and in other secret places.