Tricking husband to sleep soundly, then carrying with the boss

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Sex movie in the middle of the night of the poor secretary, just gave her husband a fuck and then tricked him into a deep sleep and she had to bring butterflies to the boss.

fuck with the boss
fuck with the boss

My husband is a very wonderful man, both gallant and fuck each other well.

Yet my husband has a huge shortcoming that is poor, so I am the main earner in the house.

My way of making money is not based on my ability but on the cunt, fuck each other with the boss one night, the money is equal to the salary for a month.

But of course, this cannot be known to my husband, so I have to trick my husband to sleep before going on to have sex with my boss.

Even the day I had just fucked with my husband, I had to fuck with my boss in the second half.